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Nurse Visits

Get A Personal Care Assessment With Elite Senior Care’s Nurse Visit

Elite Senior Care’s on-staff Registered Nurse (RN) will complete a personal care assessment with patients in their own homes to determine what services are necessary. From the beginning, we are actively involved in the patient’s care and well-being.

During our initial assessment, our RN will determine the level of care your loved one needs, and develop a plan specifically for them. A healthcare professional will supervise the caregiver, conduct periodic supervisory visits, and monitor the patient’s care to make sure it stays by your loved one’s changing needs.

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Elite Senior Care’s RNs will also visit your loved one on a regular basis to assess any possible “red flags” we need to be aware of and provide new care options accordingly.

Whether your loved one is simply dealing with the normal struggles of aging or coping with the effects of Alzheimer’s or dementia, your family will be comforted knowing there is a local, licensed medical professional overseeing their care.

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What Is Included In A Nursing Assessment?

A nursing assessment is a process where a nurse gathers, sorts, and analyzes a patient’s health information using evidence-informed tools to learn more about a patient’s overall health, symptoms, and concerns.

During a nursing assessment, the nurse collects both subjective and objective information using evidence-informed tools to assess the patient as a whole. A nursing assessment may include, but is not limited to the following:

  • environmental assessment
  • cultural assessment
  • physical assessment
  • psychological assessment
  • safety assessment
  • psychosocial assessment

Nurses use critical thinking when analyzing the findings of their assessments to inform decisions about a patient’s plan of care. Recognizing normal and abnormal patient physiology helps nurses to prioritize interventions and care delivery. Nurses also consult and collaborate with the broader healthcare team to inform their decisions to support safe patient care.  

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To learn more about our services or to speak with an Elite Senior Care expert about your loved one’s unique needs, please contact us today.